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Evaluation process.

Phase 1: Idea Generation.

When evaluating an opportunity to invest and work with, there are 4 critical categories that we focus on:

  1. Management – is there experience, drive, integrity and capability found in the team.
  2. Governance – is there an Advisory Board and/or Board of Directors set up for added strength, value and support.
  3. Other Investors – who are the current investors and why were they interested in the business.
  4. The Business – is there a clear idea, a big opportunity, a problem worth solving and can the business create a technological advantage that creates its value.

Phase 2: Do we believe?

Why do we like the opportunity?

  1. Is the new business idea strategic to the existing companies in our portfolio?
  2. Are we as excited about the business concept as the management team?
  3. Does the business plan make economic sense?
  4. Can we answer “why” we like this investment?
  5. How does this business create value?

Phase 3: We believe!

In this phase, we engage in the Financial Models.

  1. Stress Test Modeling
  2. Challenge the management team’s base case.
  3. What is our financial tolerance?
  4. Has the management team identified what they need most from any new investor?
  5. Confirm that we are committed to this investment.

Phase 4: Validation.

  1. Does the investment validate OUR plan and create value to our portfolio?
  2. Does our long-term vision marry with the business?
  3. Will the management team carry out the plan?
  4. What have other current investors said about the team and the business?
  5. Do the managers have a track record of success?
  6. Have the managers proven that they will conduct business of the highest integrity?

Phase 5: Invest.

  1. Identify milestones and goals?
  2. Identify immediate challenges.
  3. Establish road map to get to finish line.
  4. Detail how ZIG Capital adds value to assist in achieving success.

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